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Forgotten Exodus aims to collect, preserve, and share the stories of Jews who were expelled from Poland’s during its then-Communist government’s antisemitic campaign in 1968, commemorating its 55th anniversary in 2023. Our mission is to shed light on this significant yet largely unknown chapter in modern European history, offering a platform for those who experienced the expulsion firsthand to share their stories with future generations. These accounts serve as a crucial reminder of the dangers posed by antisemitism, scapegoating, and totalitarianism. 

Time is running out for us to gather these testimonies, as most surviving victims are now in their early or mid-70s. Our goal is to collect a comprehensive number of testimonies from the 15,000-strong community of expelled Jews by the 60th anniversary. 

We cannot achieve this goal alone and need your support. Partner with us in our mission by becoming a Forgotten Exodus Ambassador and donating to the project today. Your contribution will help us ensure that these stories are not forgotten, and their legacy is carried on to future generations.

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