Why against the Jews? The Anti-Zionist Campaign in Poland, 1967-1968

Dr. Dariusz Stola In Polish historiography the dramatic events of spring 1968 are often simply referred to as ‘March’, and for many people the term is synonymous with an anti-Jewish witch-hunt. The witch-hunt’s official name was “anti-Zionist campaign”. I place the terms Zionism and Zionists in italics as they belong neither to Polish nor English[…..]

The Anti-Zionist Campaign in Poland, 1967-1968

By: Dariusz Stola Source The term ‘anti-Zionist campaign’ is misleading in two ways, since the campaign which this paper will analyse began as an anti-Israeli policy but quickly turned into an anti-Jewish campaign; this evident anti-Jewish character remained its distinctive feature. The words ‘Zionism’ and ‘Zionist’, repeated in Poland in 1968 in hundreds of propaganda[…..]