March ‘68 – memories of Lublin emigrants

By: Krystyna Modrzewska Source On the eve of the March 1968 anti-Semitic campaign, there were about 450 people of Jewish origin living in Lublin and the Lublin region. Around 120 of them left the region in the years 1968-1972. How did people of Jewish origin who lived in Lublin at that time perceive the events[…..]

The Return of History – Poland Struggles to Escape Its Anti-semitic Past

By: Philip Boyes After the collapse of the Soviet system in 1989, it was anticipated that Western-style liberal democracy would take root across the former Eastern bloc. Authoritarian regimes in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland that had been governed by dead Marxist orthodoxies would inevitably embrace liberal norms. Instead, those countries are now ruled by a[…..]