"I Left Poland Because…"

“I left Poland because I felt humiliated.” 

“I left Poland because I suddenly found out that there was no place for me there.” 

“I left Poland in 1969 because it was the only country where I couldn’t be a Pole.” 

“I left Poland because I wanted to find a country where I didn’t have to be either a Jew or a Pole.” 

“I was unwelcome.”

“I became a stranger in my homeland.” 

“There was no place for me.” 

“It was no longer my home; we were thrown out.” 

“There were no perspectives.” 

“They didn’t want the children.” 

“The atmosphere was unbearable.” 

“I wanted to feel at home and Poland was not my home.” 

“I couldn’t take it any longer.” 

(Source: Exhibit “I Left Poland Because…”  by Krystyna Piotrowska, Quoted in Artur Tanikowski, Polish and Polish-Jewish Artists React to the Trauma of March ’68)