Natan Tenenbaum

Though you no longer have under our heavens
Any “Mosiek” or “Srulek”
…Somewhere a “Zionist” threatens

Does that bother you, Herr Gomułka?
That I want to die here, where I was born,
That I call Poland my fate –
This is what bothers you most

Wiesław, our Parteigenosse!
The boor caught scent of a new breeze
Its freshness gave him courage

Your nationalsocialism
which solves the Judenfrage.
And someone from that crude crowd,
As if ironically, will just snarl
Eying your wife
So you committed Rassenschande??!!

(Source: Quoted in Katarzyna Kuczyńska-Koschany, The poetry of the “dry pogrom”– March 1968 in Polish poetry: a reconnaissance).